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Geoffrey Hotspur series

Writer. Historian. Journalist.

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About me


Evan Ostryzniuk was born on the same day as Rome, just 2720 years later, and raised on the prairies of western Canada. After leaving high school without distinction, Ostryzniuk worked in a series of eye-opening jobs before being given a place by the University of Saskatchewan, which culminated in an M.A. in Modern History.


Ostryzniuk crossed the ocean to do post-graduate work at the University of Cambridge, matriculating at Trinity Hall College, and concluded several years of research with a doctoral thesis on rural insurgency during the Russian Revolution of 1917.


While preparing lectures for a Western Civilization course he was teaching, Ostryzniuk fashioned an idea about a poor English squire living during the Middle Ages. Thus, Geoffrey Hotspur was born and the series was picked up by Endeavour Media. He has published three novels to date, which can be viewed below. A fouth tale is due out...eventually.

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